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Kate Bunney


Thank you so much for visiting Wellbeing Living. I know you will find inspiration here to start or continue your own wellbeing journey.

My own wellbeing journey began 5 years ago.  Having spent over 25 years in the highly-pressurised executive training, search and selection arena – including 15 years running my own business – I found myself at a crossroads, where I realised I had forfeited much of my own wellbeing to achieve my career aspirations.

Added to this was the pressure of juggling a successful business with the demands of home and family life.

The associated stress began to take its’ toll and manifest itself in a number of health issues.  Put simply, I could no longer ignore the impact on my mental and physical wellbeing.  It became apparent I needed to change some aspects of my life and so began my quest to invest in nurturing a more holistic lifestyle for myself and my family.

Over the last 5 years, I have looked at – and experimented with – lots of different holistic remedies. The most enduring of these – and the ones I have found to bring the greatest benefits – are magnetic therapy and the use of essential oils.

Having embraced changes in my own and my family’s lives, this is now my career. My goals are based on helping others achieve greater balance in their own lives by using different wellbeing products.  

I hope you enjoy browsing through my magnetic therapy and essential oils pages where you will find a host of therapeutic and beautiful products to enhance your lifestyle.  

Don’t wait!  Join the global movement to better personal and family wellbeing today.

 Kate Bunney, 2018