Have you got Spring fever yet?

As the snowdrops delight us, the daylight hours are longer and the green shoots of spring are all around us, our thoughts turn to outdoor activities. That could be brushing the dust off the bicycle, finding the golf clubs, or looking for your trusty gardening gloves. What you choose means engaging a set of muscles that you probably haven’t used for quite a while. So what are the top tips for easing your way back into outdoor activities after a long winter layover?
1. Be kind to yourself – the weeding / sweeping doesn’t have to be achieved in one day nor the 50km bike ride on day one! Little and often is the golden rule!

2. Plan the activity – it’s more fun with someone else whether it’s walking a new route, or turning over the soil in the garden – listen to music if you’re on your own or catch up on a podcast you’ve been meaning to listen to!

3. Warm up first before commencing – start with some gentle stretching and make it a routine part of the activity. You will regret it otherwise and will soon become familiar with DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) which is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed or strenous exercise.

4. Try something new – it’s never too late to take up a new sport or activity – joining a club means that there are other newbies learning and it’s more fun too.

5. Enjoy yourself – whilst there is the “no pain – no gain” theory of pushing yourself to achieve, being outdoors for most of us should be joyful. The positive gains of being in the fresh air are bountiful – surrounding yourself with negative ions (those are the good ones) from the Earth’s natural enery – particularly abundant near water and trees. Your mental health will also benefit – movement at any level creates a more positive mindset and that will impact on your relationships, your work and your purpose. Go figure!

6. Remember to hydrate before your start your exerise, during to keep those hydration levels up and afterwards to flush away the build up of any lactic acid you may have generated. Stretching afterwards will help stimulate circulation, increase flexibility and relieve tension. This helps bring more oxygen to your muscles which can help reduce lactic acid production and rid your muscles of an accumulation of lactic acid!

Lastly, if you do ‘over do’ the exerise, as an advocate of wellness, I would encourage you to find a natural way of managing the pain – there are plenty to choose from such as essential oils and magnetic therapy. Certainly a better option than an pharmaceutical one!

What’s your Spring fever going to be?

blue city bike beside brown wooden fence

Case Study: How Magnetic Therapy Served a Sceptic

A blog post from a Wellbeing Living Customer


28-Year-Old Male

  • Chronic pain in left hip
  • Poor sleep patterns
  • Some anxiety

The Situation

I am 28 years old, and have lived with a problematic left leg since I was 16. 

As a keen runner and hockey player, a pain in my hip began without warning and quickly became quite debilitating. The pain failed to subside and even started to affect my ability to walk.

Man Running

I had 18 months of physiotherapy, which consisted of various stretching exercises and many hours of ultrasound therapy. Podiatry followed, before a consultant recommended surgery. The surgery helped with symptoms initially, but the problem returned. Further surgery followed, and so did the end result. And, at this point – now aged 20, I was at a loss as how to proceed.

So I stopped running, and in reality, had given up on being able to enjoy sport again.

The Chosen Therapy

I have always felt rather sceptical about alternative therapies. But, having met Katein May 2018, I was curious about her offerings. Kate radiates wellness and wisdom; she inhabits the healthy lifestyle that she advocates, and shows a great deal of passion for the work that she does.

We spoke at length about my condition, and Kate suggested I try using the ‘Power Heart’. It is a small curved copper triangle magnet, with a counterpiece in stainless steel. Kate explained that the increased bloodflow to the affected area would be the most beneficial aspect of this therapy, working alongside the natural anti-inflammatory properties of copper to reduce any swelling or inflammation. Having tried all manner of treatments and therapies (including massage and acupuncture), I was willing to give magnetic therapy a go. 

Power Heart
Power Heart

But, I looked at the magnet and – despite its smooth appearance – imagined how uncomfortable it might be – how it would become an inconvenience, and how the metal would be cold against my skin.

The reality? The Power Heart is fitted in an instant, and sits on the skin so comfortably that you quickly forget that you are wearing it every day. After less than a month of using the power heart, I started to notice that the tenderness in my leg was starting to reduce. And the improvements continued! Having tried what seems like every kind of solution to my problem, I fully expected to draw up magnetic therapy on the long list of failed therapies. But months later, I can honestly say that the Power Heart has been life-enhancing – helping me to manage my condition to the point where I am able to run and play sport in moderation. It’s been great for my overall health and fitness, as well as for my social life, so the benefits have been manifold!

In addition to the Powerheart, and as a more general boost to my wellbeing, I was offered the Silicone Magnetic bracelet with negative ions. Having suffered with some anxiety and poor sleep, I have noticed significant improvements in both areas after wearing the bracelet for a couple of weeks. It is also an incredibly comfortable accessory with a smart, discreet appearance.

Silicone Magnetic Bracelet
Silicone Magnetic Bracelet

The Verdict?

I’m incredibly grateful to Kate for helping me to overcome a painful problem which has affected my ability to enjoy life. I have worn both accessories for a number of months now; not only am I able to run without pain, I also feel a significant improvement to my overall sense of wellbeing – better sleep, enhanced relaxation and reduced stress..

Now, I wouldn’t be without my Power Heart or Magnetic bracelet – I wear them both all the time. I would highly recommend a chat with Kate; whether you are in pain, or simply looking to facilitate your own wellbeing, Kate will guide you towards the best possible solution for your individual needs.

Thank you Kate!

February 2019